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Phát hành 21/12/2007 21:59
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Giới thiệu 3rd PlanIT

This web site is brought to you by El Dorado Software, supplier of precision track planning and layout design software for model railroading hobbyists. Our latest offering of 3rd PlanIt™ for Windows is available for Internet delivery or shipment. With a broad set of features and powerful automation, model railroad planning has never been easier or faster.

There has never been a CAD system that offers so many first-quality features specifically designed for the model railroader. From track planning and layout design, to building construction and fabrication, to beautiful terrain rendered at high speed, 3rd PlanIt offers you a complete line of features that will meet the needs of the most demanding hobbyist.

3rd PlanIt offers the model railroad hobbyist the precision of CAD layout in an easy-to-use program, using the power of the computer to accomplish the difficult tasks of alignment, placement and trimming. Automated functions create multiple parallel objects with one mouse movement, connect circles to lines with spiral easements while trimming them to meet end-to-end, and find paths through long and complex trackwork for setting elevations and viewing in profile.

Version 8 offers you unparalleled design capabilities for your railroad layout. Built on a strong, innovative set of design tools, the new 3D terrain and landscape features let you really visualize your layout like never before. Its powerful Dynamic Design Tools™ let you quickly build precise track of any design. And a comprehensive suite of 3D Object Design Tools let you craft buildings, rolling stock, equipment, automobiles, cranes, boats and just about anything you can imagine.

High-speed, textured, 3D rendering brings life to your track plan. You can position your viewpoint at any location to evaluate your design. And when you’re done, you can print 1:1 Cross-Sections so you can cut bulkheads for the terrain you’ve designed. 3rd PlanIt is a complete package, from CAD design, to simulation, to aids for building your design.

The Standard Library with Automatic Rescaling makes all objects available in all scales so you can easily place buildings and rolling stock in any scale drawing. This allows you to easily use buildings designed for another scale in your track plan as placeholders, or templates for scratchbuilding.

Other recent additions allow you to rotate, tilt and roll objects around their centers. The new Multi-Sense User Interface offers every user a work environment they find preferable. If you’re a user of AutoCAD* or another program with a “Click-Move-Click” interface, you’ll be right at home on this new version of 3rd PlanIt. In its standard mode, you can free intermix “Press-Move-Release” control with “Click-Move-Click”. Or, you can set the program to use only a single interface style, optimized for familiarity and convenience.