Adobe Photoshop CS3 A to Z

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Giới thiệu Adobe Photoshop CS3 A to Z

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Photoshop is not known for it’s easy user interface or help files. There are many tutorial books that take you step-by-step through common tasks, but this is finally the book to let you quickly look up all those little things you can’t remember. The book starts with about 20 pages of step-by-step summaries of common tasks (importing photos, selection techniques, retouching, etc) then the remainder of the book is an alpha listing of every Photoshop feature.

Each feature has a consistent format showing a small before and after photo, the menu path for the command, the shortcut key for the command, what versions apply, “see also” and where needed a screen shot of a dialog box. There is no index – it’s not needed. this is a handy size and it stays out now when I am using Photoshop.