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Giới thiệu ArcSoft DVD SlideShow

With ArcSoft DVD SlideShow(R) you can quickly and easily produce professional-looking DVD movie discs featuring your own photo slideshows and home videos. The programs simple step-by-step design enables users of all levels to build custom slideshows, trim video, design on-screen menus, and burn discs for sharing at home, and sending to friends or customers.

No Experience Necessary

Whether you’re a DVD authoring veteran or someone who’s totally new to the game, you’ll appreciate the straightforward design of this powerful little application. DVD SlideShow features a step-by-step interface design and has been optimized for quick, high-quality results. Creating custom DVD discs doesn’t get any easier than this!

Awesome Slideshows

Like a program within a program, the slideshow editor includes all the tools you need to create eye-catching photo presentations. Slideshow tools include: drag-n-drop storyboard, background music, photo enhancement, slide transitions, pan & zoom effects, titling, voice narration, menu thumbnail selection, and slide interval.

Import Video Files

Even though the word slideshow appears in the title of the program, make no mistake, this program works with more than just still photos. Adding MPG, AVI and QuickTime movies to your DVD project is as easy as clicking a button. The program even gives you tools for trimming videos and defining the video thumbnails for your menus.

Pre-Designed Templates

DVD SlideShow features a library of professionally designed menu backgrounds and frames. Ranging from playful to professional, you’re sure to find a background for any occasion.

Customize Your Design

In addition to its library of pre-designed templates; DVD SlideShow lets you use your own photos and graphics as menu backgrounds. What’s more, you can assign your own background music, arrange chapter buttons anywhere on the screen and customize menu titles and captions by changing their font, size, color, position, and style.

Pan and Zoom Effect

If you’ve ever seen a professionally produced documentary film on public television, chances are you’ve seen the Pan and Zoom effect. DVD SlideShow has it. By panning across a picture from one side to another or by beginning to focus on a small area then moving out to the entire scene, regular still images come to life.

MPV Support

MPV offers a set of protocols for standardizing the presentation of photos, videos, and audio across a variety of hardware and software platforms. DVD SlideShow lets you import MPV files as a photo slideshow for inclusion in your movie.

Supported Languages: EN, CT, DA, CS, JA, KO, FR, IT, DE, ES, RU, BR