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Giới thiệu Ashampoo FireWall

Ashampoo FireWall PRO v1.14

Tường lửa miễn phí Ashampoo FireWall cung cấp cho bạn hệ thống phòng thủ cơ bản, phần mềm này bảo vệ khá hữu hiệu trước sự xâm nhập của các tác nhân từ bên ngoài. Chương trình nhỏ chiếm ít tài nguyên hệ thống. Dễ sử dung, không cần biết quá nhiều kiến thức tin học.


Full protection without confusing jargon
You probably know that you need a firewall program to use the Internet safely. In addition to protecting you against attacks from the Internet, a good firewall will also tell you when programs installed on your computer are trying to phone home and enable you to prevent them from doing it. This is something that Windows® own firewall doesn’t do, and it’s essential for identifying and stopping the activities of many malicious virus and spyware programs. For example, this enables you to prevent your computer from being turned into a “zombie” controlled by spammers or destructive hackers.

Small and efficient instead of big and confusing
If you don’t have a degree in computer science, using a firewall program can be quite frustrating. In addition to all the confusing jargon, current firewalls are getting to be very big programs. Sometimes you have the feeling that you’re installing an entire office suite instead of a basic network tool.

The brand-new Ashampoo FireWall FREE is different. Its Configuration Assistant guides you through every step of the simple setup process. And Easy Mode makes using it a breeze – you don’t need any special technical knowledge and everything is explained clearly.

Ashampoo FireWall FREE is also amazingly compact. Even with its four additional security tools it’s a tiny program that uses very little memory and computer resources. You get the heavy-duty protection without heavyweight overload on your system.

Self-explanatory user interface
Ashampoo has years of experience in making programs simple to use. The Ashampoo FireWall FREE user interface explains itself, every step of the way. The information is right there on the screen where you need it, so that most users will never need to consult the help. But detailed help is also there when you need it.

Activate expert features if you need them
This doesn’t mean that Ashampoo FireWall FREE is a lightweight program. On the contrary, it has a full range of expert features if you want to use them – just activate Expert Mode and you’re ready to go.

For example, in Expert Mode you can create detailed rules for every program, specifying exactly which ports and which types of connections you want to let it use.

Experienced users can also monitor both local area network connections and the internal connections inside your own computer. You also get detailed information on all your computer’s internal, LAN and external connections and communications settings and statistics, updated continuously at user-defined intervals.

Four additional network security tools
In addition to solid firewall protection, Ashampoo FireWall FREE comes with four additional integrated tools that can significantly increase your security:

Features and tools:

  • Heavy-duty firewall protection: Monitors all your computer’s network activity and provides strong protection on both incoming and outgoing connections.
  • Easy Mode: Get full protection in seconds with Easy Mode and the Configuration Assistant. No expert knowledge required.
  • Expert Mode: Experienced users can activate this mode for powerful additional capabilities.
  • Simple and compact: Self-explanatory user interface, uses minimum memory and resources.
  • Learning Mode: Automatically identifies programs that try to make connections and lets you decide whether you want to allow them. Click and go protection in Easy Mode or full configuration options in Expert Mode.
  • Rules: Create rules for every program to control how they can access the network. One-click operation in Easy Mode or full configuration and the ability to define complex rules in Expert Mode.
  • Child protection: Control your children’s access to the Internet and the sites that they can view.
  • Traffic volume limiting: For volume-based accounts. Monitors your online traffic and warns you or closes the connection when you reach your limit.
  • Block All: One-click panic button for emergencies that lets you block all traffic, for example if you are under attack or suspect that a malicious program is active.
  • AutoStart Manager: Identify and disable unwanted auto-starting programs. Finds these programs in all the locations where they can be hidden.
  • System Processes Monitor: Check running processes and stop them if necessary. Allows you to display all processes, only system processes or only non-system processes.
  • Internet Cleaner: Delete all traces of your surfing activity. Includes support for multiple browsers.
  • File Wiper: Permanently delete files and folders so that they can never be recovered.
  • IP Spam Blocker: Stop annoying popup spam on your desktop.
  • Internet Accelerator: Analyzes and optimizes your Internet connection.
  • Online Updates: Updates to increase protection performance and security can be downloaded and installed from within the program with a couple of clicks.

Technology highlights for the experts:

  • Monitor local connections: Ashampoo FireWall PRO can also monitor the local connections used inside your computer. Useful for identifying suspicious activity. Can be enabled or disabled.
  • Monitor LAN connections: Monitor all the local LAN traffic into and out of your computer. Can be enabled or disabled. Full integration in Windows® XP Security Center: Your Windows® system will automatically identify that you have an active and up-to-date firewall installed and will display its current status.
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  • Stealth ports and port scan blocking: Makes your computer invisible and actively prevents port scans, even on open ports that you are using for communication.
  • Connection log: Detailed logging of all internal, LAN and Internet connections with date, time, application, port used and IP address.
  • Real-time connection analysis: Direct access to the information normally only available with NetStat, with live updating and configurable update intervals.
  • Communications statistics: Full data on your communications settings and statistics, also with live updating and configurable updating intervals.