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Giới thiệu AutoPlay Media Studio

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AutoPlay Media Studio

Create your own custom autorun menus, interactive presentations, multimedia applications, and custom software in just minutes. Use your favorite content such as images, music, video, flash, text, and more, and simply drag n’ drop your way to amazing projects. To help you get started quickly we provide extra resources including video training, professional content add-ons, an online user forum, and much more!

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AutoPlay Media Studio

Create Your Own Custom Software Applications!

Even if you have no programming experience you can create your own custom software – with comparable features and performance to software products built by professional programmers using C++/Java. AutoPlay Media Studio is a full blown rapid application development platform with a wide selection of options and support for most popular technologies. Owning AutoPlay Media Studio is like having your own professional software programmer on call 24/7.
Even Non-Programmers Can Create Applications Quickly

AutoPlay Media Studio is built from the ground up to be easy to use. Even if you have absolutely no programming experience you’ll be able to get started creating your own custom applications in just minutes. No need to memorize a bunch of code, with AutoPlay Media Studio you let the application do the work for you. The built in wizards simplify common tasks like scripting and publishing so that anyone can point and click their way to fantastic projects quickly and easily.

What’s New in AutoPlay Media Studio 7.5?

Rich Text Object

The new rich text object allows you to display rich text (.rtf) in an object. It supports background transparency as well as design-time and runtime character and paragraph formatting.
Slideshow Object

The slideshow object allows you to show a series of images in a set area. It supports automatic resizing and scaling as well as transitions between images.
Checkbox Object

The new checkbox object wraps the standard Windows checkbox control but takes it to a new level by allowing transparent background and mouse state text color changes.
Radio Button Object

The new radio button object is great for quiz and test applications. Radio buttons support transparent backgrounds and changing text color as the mouse passes over them. Radio button selection and grouping is also handled automatically.
Multiline Text on Button Objects

Button objects now support multiline text. You can have multiple lines of text with word-wrap and specify custom left and right margins.
Thumbnail Support in File Browsers

The file browsers in the product now support thumbnail view, making it much faster and easier to locate files.
Print Pages at Runtime

The addition of the Page.Print action allows you to print pages at runtime including options for whether or not to show a print dialog and whether to scale the pages to fit the paper.
Automatic Sizing and Positioning of Objects

The new Auto-Resize options for each object allow you to control how each side of the object responds to the page being resized at runtime. This makes it very easy to have resizable applications look right at different sizes.
Page Keyword Searching

Specify a list of keywords associated with each page. Then at runtime use the new actions to search for keywords on pages, create an indexed table of keywords, or even show a common dialog to allow the user to perform keyword searches.
New and Enhanced Templates

Includes many new project templates that demonstrate many of the new features in version 7.5.
CD / DVD Burning on Vista

You can now burn CD/DVD projects on Windows Vista systems.
Get and Set Page Properties at Runtime

Two new actions, Application.GetPageProperties and Application.SetPageProperties allow you to query and modify page properties such as keywords, descriptions and even background colors and images dynamically at runtime.
Automatic Code Signing

Automatically have your applications code signed during publishing. This provides a more secure experience for users and helps make applications Windows Vista compliant.
MSI Actions

Over 35 MSI actions that leverage the Windows Installer service technology on the user’s system. These actions make it easy to query the state of products, features and components on the end-user’s system that were installed with a Windows Installer package.
Dynamic Passwords for Encrypted Data Segments

Now when you build to a Web/Email executable and turn on the Encrypt data segment option, a unique key is used to protect the data ensuring that your data cannot be decrypted using a common key.
Instructions for Project Templates

Now when you export a project to a project template and enter instructions in the Description field of the Project Template Information dialog, the text will be displayed for the developer to read when a project is created from that template.
Support for Alternate Templates Folder

The new project dialog now scans the “My DocumentsAutoPlay Media Studio 7.0Templates” folder for project template files as well as the “Program FilesAutoPlay Media Studio 7.0Templates” folder. This allows the storage and use of project templates from a per-user folder.
Minimum Page Size

Added support for minimum page sizes for resizable projects. These dimensions can be entered on the Appearance tab of the Project Settings dialog.
CDATA Support for Writing to XML

The XML.SetValue action now has an extra parameter that allows you to specify whether the data should be written out as a CDATA section.