Coniuno Professional - Học ngoại ngữ tốt hơn

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Giới thiệu Coniuno Professional

 Coniuno Professional   Học ngoại ngữ tốt hơn

Coniuno is a program for learning and training verb conjugations in the languages German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Latin.
– Learn verb conjugations by improving your feeling for the language!
– Stop torturing yourself with learning the same verbs by heart for hours and hours!
– Understand conjugations by training a countless number of always new practical examples!
– Practice with own verbs and use the around 200 coniuno-verbs to train example-sentences!

With Coniuno you’ll receive a conjugation trainer for free selectable regular and irregular verbs.

The idea behind Coniuno

The program’s aim is to understand verb-conjugations as such and to strengthen the feeling and comprehension for the respective training-language. The aim is not to learn the same verbs by heart on and on. Even if one knows these verbs very perfect soon, still the use and conjugation of new, not trained verbs is a great problem. By training conjugations without being bound to certain selected verbs, the quick recognition of verb-forms and the automatically correct usage of the conjugations are improved.

Therefore the idea behind Coniuno is to practice the possible conjugations of free selectable verbs in random order. These can be regular, irregular, reflexive and/or passive verbs.

A great number of options allow you to set-up the program according to your training-wishes and needs. If for example you want to train a new conjugation form (e.g. the past perfect in English or the passato remoto in Italian), then you limit a training to exactly these time-forms. Coniuno will practice these time-forms with you until you can easily conjugate even brand new verbs without any problems. Or maybe you get confused by a language’s plural II and plural III forms. Coniuno will only train plural II and plural III with you. Or maybe you just want to practice verb conjugations from randomly selected verbs and randomly selected time-forms to improve your general confidence in conjugating verbs. Coniuno helps you with this.

Further details

Coniuno is able to conjugate all verbs by itself. For this purpose the program uses the conjugation rules for regular verbs (e.g. ich geh+e, du geh+st, er geh+t etc.), as well as a variety of additional rules to recognize and conjugate irregular verbs. If there should be an irregular verb that is not conjugated correctly, then a broad set of options allow to teach the verb to Coniuno and by that conjugate it correctly again.

As a first function the program provides you with conjugation-tables for all languages. Here you can enter any verb (e.g. shave, shave the beard, wash oneself etc.) and you will receive the regular and irregular conjugations of all time-forms.

The actual real function however is the training of any time-form of any verb from one language to another language. For this reason the program uses one language as “mother-language”, e.g. English and another language as “training-language”, e.g. French. The result from this is that Coniuno will always ask you for verb-forms from English to French. Or from Spanish to Italian. Or from Latin to German. Or and so on. To be able to ask for all this forms, Coniuno first conjugates the verb in the mother-language and afterwards in the training-language.

Other functions (to just list some) are a multiple-choice test, an interactive conjugation-help, there is a search-function for irregular verbs, import- and export-routines support the exchange of training-verbs with friends, statistic-functions help to plan future trainings and not to be mentioned last, there is an extensive help.

And this is Coniuno:

– Coniuno is a conjugation trainer for the languages German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Latin.
– The possible conjugations of regular and irregular verbs are trained.
– New verbs, unknown to Coniuno, can be trained directly. It is not necessary to enter all conjugation forms to the program (neither for regular verbs nor irregular verbs), as all conjugations are done by the program itself. If once an irregular verb should not be recognized correctly, then a broad set of options allow you to teach the verb to Coniuno.
– Reflexive and passive verbs are supported.
– Well arranged conjugation-tables allow displaying and printing a verb’s conjugation-forms.
– Interactive helping functions support the training.
– A Multiple-Choice-Test offers a second method to train verb forms.
– A search for infinitive-forms helps, if you are searching the verb behind an unknown conjugation-form.
– You can use own verbs and/or use the about 200 verbs that are provided to you by Coniuno.
– The time-forms you want to train as well as the extent of the training can be defined by you.
– Detailed statistics allow an extensive training of difficult verbs.
– Further statistic-functions help planning future trainings.
– Import- and export-routines allow the exchange of training verbs with friends.
– Coniuno’s graphical user interface supports German and English