Effective Word - Phương tiện thay thế Wordpad tin cậy

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Hệ điều hành Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
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Giới thiệu Effective Word

The ONLY WordPad Replacement!
This is an easy-to-use wordpad replacement with Rich text word processing and word-processing templates
– Add friends and Contacts Details.
– Create and print envelopes.
– Type with Auto Correct.
– Picture Library Manager.

Create newsletters, documents and personal letters with envelopes quickly. This shows you the tools you need for letters and documents you want to make quickly, repeatedly. Edit and resize photographs and images from within the documents! “If you want to have envelopes for your letters and to have quality documents then try Effective-Word.”

Become a good quality and efficient writer Effective-Word is simple and an easy to use word processing program to create letters & documents, DTP, web pages etc. Also, create and print envelopes with ease from your own Contact’s Addresses.

There are the standard tools like Auto Correct, Spell Checker, Fully incorporated Contact’s Book and Profile, Draw Text and a Picture Library manager. Edit Photos within the document Editing your photos could not be simpler with a collection of editing tools such as effects like grey scale, crop, negative, contrast etc.

Look after your friends and contacts details Contacts Book is a great tool for you to insert your addresses etc, from your contacts or friend’s into your letters instantly. Your Contacts are always at hand for you to use. With Contacts Panel, you can browse through your contacts file. You can swiftly select whatever pieces of information you want.

So what can Effective-Word Do?
– This lists all the major features available in the program. Compare to wordpad, we have so much more.
– Envelope Printing – Create customizable envelopes quickly and easily.
– Contacts Book and Contacts Panel – create envelopes with ease direct from your addresses.
– Calculator
– Tabbed Document Interface – With close buttons on individual tabs, and drop down menus.
– Spell Checker – With US and UK dictionaries – Optional character customizing.
– Auto Correct – Fully customizable list with ability to change fonts.
– Ruler with paragraph control and Guide Bars
– Templates for general business needs.
– Word Wrap – wrap to ruler; screen window, or turn off.
– Icon Menus – Icons are Vista styled, same as toolbars.
– Insert Symbols – Much larger than that of Windows.
– Custom Fonts selection for new Publication or text documents.
– Customizable Drop down Color Palette.
– Multiple Undo Redo.
– Txt and RTF documents Formats.
– RTF documents with optional Association.
– My Profile – Ability to insert your own personal details from the insert menu.
– Picture Library store – hold and manage a list of images, photos etc.
– Edit Photos and Manage efficiently.
– New and updated Font Properties dialog.
– Paragraph Editing. fully customizing of indentation.
– Tabs Stops – Be able to create your own tabs stops.
– Remove Format – Be able to remove all formatting back to the original text.
– Text Case – UPPERCASE. lowercase. Proper Case. Sentence case.
– Header and Footer editor.