FAST Defrag - Tối ưu máy tính của bạn

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Hệ điều hành Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
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Giới thiệu FAST Defrag

FAST Defrag là 1 tiện ích hệ thống mạnh có nhiều chức năng dùng để tăng hiệu suất của PC bạn. Với chương trình này, bạn có thể tối ưu bộ nhớ RAM, các tiến trình đang hoạt động, cài đặt hay gỡ bỏ các chương trình ứng dụng, kiểm soát các chương trình khởi động cùng Windows, và tối ưu các tác vụ của hệ thống thông qua Tweaks.

FAST Defrag Professional is a very powerful tool that includes a huge number of features to enhance your PC performance, to make it more secure and to simplify your daily work.

1. System Manager
Contains two windows: Memory and Processor. The Memory Window displays information about your system’s RAM and current swap file (Virtual Memory).

Memory Window Content:

  • Used Hard Memory is the approximate percentage of total physical that is in use.
  • Total physical memory indicates the amount of physical memory installed in your system.
  • Free physical memory indicates the amount of physical memory available.
  • Virtual Memory size indicates the total number of KB / MB that can be stored in the paging file. Note that this number may not represent the actual physical size of the paging file on disk.
  • Free Virtual Memory Size indicates the number of KB / MB available in the paging file.
  • Processor Usage indicates the approximate percentage of your processor usage.
  • Available Options: Clean. You can do this either by clicking “Clean” or click right button of the mouse on Fast Defrag icon in system tray.

Processor Window displays information about your PC’s main processor like model, speed, functions and other hardware details. You can save that information into an output file.

2. Task Manager displays all the applications that are running on your system and regarding your windows version you can find out different information about each process like: resource consumption, memory consumption, application full path, number of threads etc. You can save the snapshot of the running applications into an output file.

3. System Config allows you to easily manage the programs that are starting with windows, the programs that are currently installed on your PC. You will find other links to many useful utilities and system tweaks.
Uninstall Manager lists all applications, games and tools installed on your computer. You won’t have any problems with hidden programs or some software products that for some reasons fail to properly uninstall.

4. Fast Options allows you to easily configure FAST Defrag.

Conservative swap file usage

If enabled (like on Win95) Windows will only use the swap file after filling up your systems entire RAM. Data goes in RAM that is a whole lot faster than the hard drive, and afterwards to the hard drive.

If disabled (later versions than Win95) Windows will use both the swap file and RAM at the same time. Some stuff will go into the swap file and some stuff will go into RAM. More time will pass until your entire RAM is filled up.

Note that some new applications won’t work with the conservative swap file. Our advice is to set this option regarding the purpose of the computer. We recommend this feature especially for games and multimedia.

Start with windows

If enabled FAST Defrag will run at system start-up and minimize to tray, to monitor RAM usage and eventually defragment when needed.

Memory Guardian is a tool that helps you to maintain your system for long periods of time.

Unlike other similar products the FAST Defrag Memory Guardian contains a set of instructions that optimize memory depending on numerous aspects: memory percentage, time since last cleanup, processor usage, typical role of the computer: Server or Workstation. Workstation setting is different from Server setting because it will attempt to clean memory more often.

Engine: AMF or SMF? AMF if the default engine and it’s the fastest. SMF does the same thing as AMF, but using a different algorithm.

Download FAST Defrag Professional v2.17.95b