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Phiên bản Mới nhất
Cập nhật 20/04/2010 17:38
Hệ điều hành Windows 9x, Me, 2k, XP
Sử dụng Miễn phí
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Giới thiệu Gigaget

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Gigaget, một chương trình quản lí download được phát triển bởi Giganology, là thế hệ tiếp theo của các chương trình download, sử dụng công nghệ Net Grid để tách nhỏ file download thành các phần nhỏ nhằm tăng tốc độ download. Hiện nay đã có hơn 50 triệu người sử dụng chương trình trên toàn thế giới, và mỗi ngày có hơn 40 nghìn user mới.


About Gigaget

Gigaget, a brand new download manager developed by Giganology, is the next generation download manager which utilizes cutting-edge Net Grid technology which can improve your download speed by one order of magnitude. It boasts over 50 million users worldwide, with over 400,000 new users everyday.

Free and safe
100% free
No adware or spyware
No registration required
Data transfer encrypted

Easy to use and manage
Simple and advance mode fit for both rookies and advanced users.
Powerful Task Manager, easy to organize downloaded files

More than fast
Ultra-fast download speed experience
Auto data integrity validation and correction
Import/export download list, easy to share with friends

Multi file formats and browsers Support
Compatible with major browsers-Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox, Maxthon
Major streaming protocol support, including MMS/RTSP/Flash
Intelligent Web Analysis, helping you find the URL (out of a web page) to download

Advanced Intelligent Functions
Intelligent Disk Cache system which protects your hard disk from high-speed download.
Intelligent Prompt System, providing useful information and suggestions for each specific situation.
Unique Error Diagnosis function, helping users find the reasons and solutions on failed tasks.

System Requirement
* Win98/Me/2000/XP/2003
* 64MB Memory or more
* 100MB Hard Disk
* 800X600 resolution or higher

1. Gigaget will prompt you to upgrade once it detects a newer version is available
2Ј®You can also download the latest version from Gigaget’s website and install it as instructed

Right click in browser the URL you want to download, and choose “Download by Gigaget”, a dialog panel will pop up, and you can choose the directory to save and press “OK” to start.