GSplit - Chia nhỏ file dễ nhất

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Phát hành 08/12/2008 05:37
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Hệ điều hành Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
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Giới thiệu GSplit

GSplit là 1 chương trình miễn phí giúp bạn chia các file lớn thành các phần nhỏ hơn. Chương trình cho phép bạn chia nhiều loại file khác nhau như file nén tự bung, file nén zip, file ảnh của đĩa, các file multimedia như video, nhạc, các file backup, file hình, log, hay file tài liệu có dung lượng lớn, … Việc chia nhỏ file như vậy sẽ giúp bạn dễ dàng upload lên mạng, gửi kèm theo email hay ghi ra đĩa CD.

Ưu điểm của GSplit là có thể tạo ra 1 file chạy exe dùng để gắn kết các phần đã chia nhỏ thành file lớn ban đầu. Điều đó có nghĩa là bạn không cần 1 chương trình nào, kể cả bản thân GSplit để ghép các file đó. Ngoài ra, GSplit có thể chạy ở chế độ dòng lệnh, và bạn có thể viết các script để thực hiện tự động công việc chia nhỏ file của mình.

GSplit cung cấp 1 giao diện rất đẹp, dễ hiểu và nhiều chức năng. Chương trình cũng cho phép bạn chia các file lớn đến 4GB và có chế độ kiểm tra tính toàn vẹn của các file sau khi chia.

Welcome to GSplit! This application is a free reliable file splitter that lets you split your large files (like Self-Extracting archives, Zip archives, disk images, multimedia, music, video, backup, image, archive, log, large text, document files…) into a set of smaller files called pieces.

These pieces are easier to:

* copy to floppy or any removable media disks.
* distribute over the Internet, networks.
* send by email (forget attached file size restrictions imposed by some ISP, pop3, SMTP and other e-mail servers).
* archive to CD, DVD, USB Flash drive and key, Zip disk, and any other storage device.
* upload to host accounts, file delivery services, online file hosting sites… that have restrictions on file sizes.
* share with friends, colleagues or other users through networks and the Internet.
* exchange using Instant Messaging clients or Instant Messenger programs…

What can GSplit do?

In addition to the features of other standard file splitters, GSplit can:

* Let you select from two basic file splitting options: disk spanned (split into a set of files varying in size auto-calculated by GSplit based on available free disk space and saved immediately to spannable removable disks) or blocked (split into a set of same sized split files). You may enter the size for each piece file, the number of pieces you want to obtain, or the number of lines/occurrences of a pattern by piece.split files
* Make pieces Self-Uniting: GSplit creates a small stand-alone executable file that will put all of the pieces back together. This executable provides your users with an intuitive Windows interface whose appearance can be customized according to your needs. GSplit is then not required in order to restore the split file.
* Store file properties like file dates and attributes, and restore them contrary to batch files.
* Perform fast checks (size, offset, CRC32) in order to detect file corruption and to give you the assurance that your files are successfully restored by your users. When a piece is corrupted, you are notified about it, so you just need to get a new copy of that piece, not the whole set.
* Split very large files, bigger than 4 GB.
* Customize piece files according to your needs (size, filenames, title, author…), leave additional space on disks, create pieces without tags or with custom headers (useful for text-based files like large server log or CSV files).
* Support splitting multiple files back-to-back in one time.
* A portable edition is available with no required installation.
* Include batch (automation) and command line options: GSplit can work as a daemon.
* Work in your own language: multilanguage support is available (English, French – Français…) for GSplit, GUnite and Self-Uniting programs.
* Split large text and similar files like large server logs and other CSV files by number of lines or occurrences of a specified pattern. Optionally insert headers into each piece file.
* Show you elapsed and estimated times while splitting and uniting files. You can also pause/resume the splitting operation.
* Keep settings into profiles and let you use these settings for different files, remember MRU files and folders, automatically try to find out the best splitting settings…
* Integrate Windows Explorer to let you split your files directly from the context menu.
* Work on all Windows versions, including Windows Vista.

GSplit finally features an intuitive graphical user interface that makes operations easy and fast. It also provides you with a lot of customization optional options for pieces and Self-Uniting executable files… GSplit lets you split any file in a snap!