Hacking GoogleMaps and GoogleEarth (ExtremeTech)

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Giới thiệu Hacking GoogleMaps and GoogleEarth (ExtremeTech)

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 Product Description
This one-of-a-kind resource contains 500 pages of jaw-dropping hacks, mods, and customizations. These include creating mashups with data from other sources such as Flickr, building a space station tracker, hacking Maps with Firefox PiggyBank, and building a complete community site with Maps and Earth. Now you can map out locations, get driving directions, zoom into any point on the globe, display real time traffic, and much more.

From the Back Cover
Going somewhere? Or just getting back?
Great vacation photos—too bad you can’t remember where you took them. And wouldn’t it have been terrific to find a pizza joint when you bumped into your college buddy in that little ski town? Well, by making Google Maps and Google Earth do your bidding, you can find out not only where you’re going, but where you’ve been. Get an aerial view of the beach in that picture. Pinpoint every Thai takeout in your girlfriend’s zip code. Plan the Great International Rollercoaster Tour. Here’s how.

Get Going
Create applications that let you do all this and more

1. Make maps that reveal statistical data
2. Plot routes to include or avoid key factors
3. Build a community site
4. Create a realtor’s presentation
5. Calculate distances for routes
6. Show where your holiday photos were taken
7. Merge Flickr photos onto a map
8. Highlight archaeological information