HumanSoft AutoDeNoise for Adobe Photoshop

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Giới thiệu HumanSoft AutoDeNoise for Adobe Photoshop

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Remove Noises while keeping details right inside Adobe Elements or Photoshop
New very advanced algorithms! Not only AutoDeNoise is using very special algorithms to remove noise on digital images or scans while preserving details not available inside PhotoShop/Elements Corel or other graphic applications/plug-ins but it is a one step operation. It means that details are not lost by performing image manipulation in several steps.
DeNoising in one click in Photoshop 7/CS/CS2/CS3, Elements 2/3/4/5/6, PaintShop, Corel, ULead

Version 1.8 – KeyFeatures
– Noise Reduction plug-in
– works well for high ISO noise
– reduces film grains on scanned images
– Create your own profile
– Keep maximum details
– Fast Preview and ease of use

Reduce Noise for sharper and crispier images
Noise is a very important issue in digital photography. Nearly all digital cameras produce images with an easily noticed noise component. This ‘digital noise’ is especially strong in images taken at high ISO rates. Scans of negatives show a similar film grain. When the picture is taken in low-light (indoor/night) or high-speed (sport/action) the noise is even more noticeable and a tool such as AutoDeNoise is needed. The noise and grain reduce the visual quality of digital images and resulting prints.
Noise is inherent to Digital Photos
Digital image sensors, because of the size and sensitivity, produce a slight noise as photons arrive at random intervals. The induced sampling error produces the noise. Small sensors on compact digital cameras generate more noise but even top-of-the-line cameras at high ISO settings show some noise.
Digital Tools are needed to control ‘Digital Noise’
In many situations, fast action photos, indoors, and low-light situation, a high ISO setting is required to avoid motion blur or shaking. Without the right digital tool, the photographer is faced with the choise of using a low ISO and get a blurry photo, or a high ISO and get a noisy image. The problem is compounded when photo enlargement is required.
Auto DeNoise uses a sophisticated algorithm that preserves detail and sharpness while removing grain or noise. Since noise are highly dependant upon the sensor of your own camera (even within same digital camera model, you will not get exact same result) and the picture you are taking, it is very important to rely on a fast and simple tool that offers to save the unique setting adapted to your particular camera and the kind of image you want to produce.