IMANDIX Cover - Tạo các album ảnh 3D chuyên nghiệp

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Phát hành 20/03/2009 14:35
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Hệ điều hành Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
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Giới thiệu IMANDIX Cover

IMANDIX Cover Professional is a software that helps you creating cool virtual 3D product shots with just one click of your DVDs, Music CDs, Software Boxes, Posters and much more for your prints, shop, website, forum, … To export the images in popular formats (JPG, BMP, PNG, PCX, TIF), with resolution up to 2000×2000 pixels. In addition, IMANDIX Cover may animirovat movement of boxes in the space and set up export animation in video format AVI. To view a DVD-boxes in the three-dimensional form to install Java 3D API 1.3.1 or higher.