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Giới thiệu Intellimon XSitePro

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Powerful tool for developing the website. The main feature of XSite Pro is that compared with conventional WYSIWYG-editors, it does not work with individual pages, as it were, with the whole site at once. Pages eftepyatsya touch of a button, all at once. With regard to the purity of the generated code, it will average between DreamWeaver and FrontPage.
– Designed for stability and scalabilty
– Intuitive Designer Controls
– Well thought-through, attractive interface
– Create unlimited websites
– Unique Project Management Workspace
– Hundreds of * NEW * website templates
– Global Site Design Control
– Additional page layout design sections in V2
– And more …

XSite Pro is truly a dream come true for anyone interested in publishing professional websites for affiliate programs, product sales, distribution of information, and tons of other uses. Anyone who has struggled with DreamWeaver or FrontPage is sure to appreciate the simplicity, yet robust, features of XSitePro. I can say in sincere honesty that XSitePro has sliced my site production time by a minimum of 75%… and made the other 25% much more fun :-) Thanks once again for such a great piece of software!
* Easy to use web building interface
* Simple CMS menu for adding content
* Customized template styling options
* Source code flexibility
* Simple FTP functionality
* Desktop access
* Affiliate management
* Adsense capability
* SEO (Search Engine Optimized) friendly code
* Fast loading pgaes
* High ranking results
* Import functions
* File Management for PDF’s and Zip’s
* Renaming Capaility
* Page Tile and Meta menus for easy SEO
* Automated navigation linking for internal pages
* External linking capability.
* Export Functions
* Redirect capability
* Spider and Robot management
* SiteMap creation
* Pop-In options