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Phát hành 19/11/2007 22:18
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Hệ điều hành Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
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Giới thiệu Kirchhoff AlbumPro

21654410ha5 Kirchhoff AlbumPro   Tạo Album ảnh chuyên nghiệp

Album pro is to be arranged the software around photos in albums and be emphasized fully!

– The philosophy with album pro is it to administer photos in albums and shelves.
– The albums are arranged into shelves. select simply an album and loosely gehts.
– Place yourselves to albums with your digital photos into virtual helves.
– Arrange Slideshows or will expression you pictures.
– Manipulate Portraitfotos to merry Fratzen or deposit you pictures with written and spoken texts.

If you have many pictures in JPEG/BMP/PCX/TGA/PNG or GIF (also moved) format, then you are in the best way served with this program. Much is possible and on suggestions and desires is received I, if it is meaningful, gladly.

– The operation of the program is very easily held, without which thereby functionality suffers.
– Many Mails confirm that the software is quite worth to be once looked at.
– By collecting mains, which the operator can provide, impressive albums and Slideshows with few Mausklicks are realized.
– Demo albums show something from the possibilities.

In the following are specified some the functions.

* Again: The picture overview was strongly extended, it can be invited now pictures by listings. Arbitrary pictures can be marked. Over Popup menu entries can be accomplished many further functions for marked pictures, like e.g. search word inputs.

:: Additionally still the display format jp2 for Jpeg2000 pictures was in-maintained and many small of nose was eliminated.
:: Detailed assistance in HTML over the Standardbrowser
:: Treatment of pictures over Gradationskurven
:: Red eyes can be comfortably removed
:: Screen magnifying glass with the function key F5
:: Slideshow has now a picture index border
:: Slideshow also without album with pictures directly of the non removable disk
:: Slideshow with 200 cool over dazzling effects
:: Slideshow with as many as desired pictures
:: Indicator travels in pictures as own show within a picture and a Slideshow
:: Picture names into the album listing take over automatically
:: Pictures as background pictures for Windows specify
:: MP3 as mood music select
:: Announcement of AVI’s (videos animated) in picture and clay/tone
:: Provide from HTML sides for pictures and Slideshows also for the own homepage
:: Pictures over references find
:: Provide from picture collecting listings
:: Stung sharp text editions
:: Extended framework possibilities for pictures
:: Support from panorama pictures to 360 degrees all around
:: Automatic Scrollen of pictures
:: Easy switching into different picture opinions
:: Recording of Slideshows in AVI files
:: Different Skins for dialogues and windows
:: Many text organization possibilities for albums and Slideshows
:: Pictures and texts are umgeblättert dynamically in the album
:: Individual ones would background (colors and samples) for Slideshows and albums
:: Bildbrowser
:: Slideshows and albums with program start start automatically
:: Demoslideshow and demo album
:: Mad Bilderrahmen
:: Screen resolution 800 x 600 possible
:: Memory of page layouts
:: Fully automatic album production by own page layouts
:: Decoration diagrams in the shelf

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