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Giới thiệu Microsoft Office 2007 All in One

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Book Description:
One Book-All the Answers
In just a short time you will be up and running with Microsoft Office 2007, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote.
Using a straightforward, step-by-step approach, each lesson builds upon a real-world foundation, allowing you to learn the essentials of Office 2007 from the ground up.
Thorough instructions walk you through the most common tasks and show you extra features that make your Office 2007 documents stand apart from the crowd.
Notes present interesting pieces of information, extra features you can use, and warnings to protect your data.
Tips offer extra advice or teach an easier way to do something.
Learn how to-
* Leverage New Features to Do More Work in Less Time
* Master Office 2007-s New Ribbon
* Use Live Preview to See How Changes Will Affect Your Documents
* Create Online Web Pages from Your Office Documents, Worksheets, and Presentations
* Apply a Consistent Theme to All Your Documents, Worksheets, and Presentations
* Format Word Documents to Grab Attention Without Taking Away from the Message You Want to Convey
* Perform Mail Merging with Ease
* Set Up Powerful Worksheet Page Formats
* Drop Audio and Video into Your PowerPoint Presentations
* Organize Your Email to Work Smarter
* Locate Outlook Contacts on a Global Map
* Maximize Note Taking with OneNote

Part I: Introducing Microsoft Office 2007 1
Chapter 1: Start Here
PART II: Writing with Word
Chapter 2: Learning Word-s Basics
Chapter 3: Making Your Words Look Good
Chapter 4: Adding Lists, Tables, and Graphics
Chapter 5: Using Word-s Advanced Features

PART III: Working with Excel Worksheets
Chapter 6: Getting to Know Excel
Chapter 7: Working with Excel Data
Chapter 8: Formatting Worksheets with Excel
Chapter 9: Creating Advanced Worksheets
Chapter 10: Using Excel as a Simple Database
PART IV: Impressing Audiences with PowerPoint
Chapter 11: Learning About PowerPoint
Chapter 12: Adding Flair to Your Presentations
Chapter 13: Making More Impressive Presentations
PART V: Organizing with Outlook
Chapter 14: Introducing Outlook
Chapter 15: Making Contact
Chapter 16: Living with Outlook
PART VI: Enhancing Your Work with Other Office Features
Chapter 17: Making Notes with OneNote
Chapter 18: Automatic Office
Chapter 19: Sharing Data Among Office Applications
Chapter 20: Combining Office and the Internet