Oxford Thesaurus of English

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Giới thiệu Oxford Thesaurus of English

 Based on the ongoing research of Oxford Dictionaries and the authority of the Oxford English Corpus, this revised edition of the Oxford Thesaurus of English has been updated to include new and up-to-date synonyms and senses, and offers coverage of more alternative words than any other A-Z thesaurus.

It is accessible and easy to use, listing alternative words in order of usefulness, and giving thousands of examples of words in use to help you choose the right synonym. The centre section of word lists has been fully revised and reorganized with its own quick-reference index and includes even more words on topics from clothes and food, to medicine and music, with new lists of foreign words and phrases, humorous words, commonly confused words, and more. It is an invaluable resource to help broaden your vocabulary and provide quick answers to word puzzles and crossword clues. This revised edition retains such popular features as ‘Choose the Right Word’ panels which illustrate the differences between similar alternative words, and the Word Links panels, which show related words such as astronomy at star and help you to expand your vocabulary. The Oxford Thesaurus of English, revised edition is ideal for use at home, school, and the office, and is a perfect reference tool to help with writing anything from a formal letter to a short story, as well as expanding your vocabulary and providing quick solutions to word puzzles and crossword clues.

• 600,000+ alternative and opposite words
• Closest and most useful alternative words are given first
• Unique coverage of related terms such as bear: ursine, blue: cyanic
• Over 450 boxed lists provide information on a vast range of subjects
• Over 150 in-text notes distinguish between easily confusable words
• Comprehensive coverage of English from around the world as it is used today.