Password Revealer [Mới nhất] - Lấy lại password của các ứng dụng

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Phát hành 17/03/2009 17:35
Cập nhật 17/04/2012 13:13
Hệ điều hành Windows XP, Vista, 7
Sử dụng Miễn phí
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Giới thiệu Password Revealer

Password Revealer

Bạn là một người “đãng trí” hay bạn lưu quá nhiều password khác nhau trong nhiều chương trình như MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo! Messenger, FTP Client… Giờ đây, bạn muốn tìm lại các password này thì sao, chúng chỉ là các dấu *** “bí ẩn”. Vậy xin mời bạn hãy dùng chương trình Password Revealer.


Password Revealer (only 65 kB – Windows 95/98/Me/NT) is a utility that can show you most passwords that are typed in a password edit box (those that hide the password and show asterisks instead).

Bring the password box on the screen, run Password Revealer, and click the button to reveal the password. That’s all.

Please note that Password Revealer does NEVER work with the following passwords, because they use special edit boxes:

* user passwords in Windows NT User Manager (this includes user passwords in Windows 2000, XP and 2003).
* site passwords in Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher (such as Hotmail or AOL passwords)
* most passwords under Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista and Server 2008. Microsoft got smarter!

Currently, we DO NOT have a solution for these passwords.

Password Revealer doesn’t come with an installation program, to keep it small for downloading. Just select the appropriate destination folder when downloading.

WARNING: some antivirus programs may mark this program as a “Potentially unwanted program”. This is to let you know that if it is left on your computer without you knowing it, that someone with access to your computer may have used it to reveal your passwords.

Please note that Password Revealer is NOT a virus, nor does it contain viruses if you copy it from a reliable source, and if it has not been infected in another way. Password Revealer will not secretly send passwords over a network, it will reveal them on the screen only.

Password Revealer is freeware.