Photoshop CS5 Essential Training

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Phát hành 01/05/2010 16:01
Cập nhật 27/05/2013 17:15
Hệ điều hành Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
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Giới thiệu Photoshop CS5 Essential Training

In Photoshop CS5 Essential Training, author Michael Ninness demonstrates how to produce the highest quality images with fantastic detail in the shortest amount of time, using a combination of Photoshop CS5, Adobe Bridge, and Camera Raw. This course shows the most efficient ways to perform common editing tasks, including noise reduction, shadow and highlight detail recovery, retouching, and combining multiple images. Along the way, Michael shares the secrets of non-destructive editing, utilizing and mastering Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw, layers, adjustment layers, blending modes, layer masks, and much more. Exercise files are included with the course.

Course name: Photoshop CS5 Essential Training
Author: Michael Ninness
Duration (hr:min): 11:15
Released on: 4/30/2010
Exercise files: No

Topics include:
* Automating image adjustments with Camera Raw
* Adding keywords, ratings, and other metadata to images
* Filtering a large collection of images down to the “keepers”
* Cropping, correcting perspective, and straightening images
* Creating, naming, hiding, and deleting layers
* How to make selections and masks quickly
* Improving mask quality with Refine Edge
* Techniques for combining multiple images
* Non-destructive editing techniques with adjustment layers and Smart Filters
* Retouching essentials, such as blemish removal and body sculpting
* Color correcting images
* Using the essential blend modes, layer effects, and styles
* Creating contact sheets and web photo galleries