Pranksterz No Rest for the Wicked (2009) 2009 - Game cực hay cực vui

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Phiên bản 2009
Cập nhật 20/06/2012 08:43
Hệ điều hành Windows XP, Vista, 7
Sử dụng Dùng thử
Lượt download 457
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Giới thiệu Pranksterz No Rest for the Wicked (2009)


* Play practical jokes and pranks on your nasty neighbors!
* Use stealth and skill to set your plan in motion and escape detection
* Gain bonuses for linking several pranks together
* Great cartoon-style graphics and hilarious animations
* Fun for all ages!

System Requirements:

* Windows 2000/XP/Vista
* Processor 800 MHz +
* RAM 256 Mb
* 32 Mb Video card DirectX 9.0c