Scan to PDF - Chuyển đổi ảnh scan sang PDF

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Giới thiệu Scan to PDF

 Scan to PDF   Chuyển đổi ảnh scan sang PDF

Scan To PDF is a simple and efficient method of converting your paper based documents into PDFs.
Does not require Adobe Acrobat.

Used daily by thousands of users
Create PDF files from scanned images
Create PDF files from images imported from file
Thumbnail display for better visualisation
Insert pages into or append to any existing PDF
Costs less than Adobe® Acrobat®
OCR and create searchable PDF option
Appliction integration options
Scan To EMail with PDF attachment option
Administrative control over PDF file path
Support for full PDF document description
Page re-ordering using drag & drop
Support for Adobe® viewer pre-definition settings
Indexing for Adobe® Catalog
Batch scanning option – one PDF per page.
Batch scanning option – multiple PDFs from one scan batch.
Auto-Generate filename – increment, barcode, datestamp.
Customised options available on request

Available Plugins
Send us an email outlining your application/requirement and we will respond with pricing and a pre-configured demo of the required plugins. For a fuller explanation of the plugin options click here.

* FileName Generator – Automatically generate the PDF file name based on date, increment, etc.
more details.
* BarCode Reader – Detects a barcode on the scanned page and assigns the barcode value to the PDF name.
more details.
* OCR Module – Create searchable PDFs for submission to a document management system.
more details.
* Batch Scanning – Each page of a batch becomes a single PDF. Can also be configured to auto-detect document separators i.e. multi-page documents can be scanned together as a single batch.
Can be used in conjunction with the filename generator and barcode reader to automate file naming.
more details.
* MetaTag Indexing – Allows user to enter indexing and keyword information for submission to a document management system.
more details.
* Catalog Indexing – Plugin for Abode Catalog compatibility – user prompted for Author, Title, Subject, Keywords.
more details.
* C# DynaCode – Run custom C# or VB Net code triggered by events in the scaning process. Can be used for database updates, auto email, ftp transfers, processing of text returned by the OCR engine, etc.
more details.
* LogFile Generator – Creates a csv log file containing the details (file name, file path, page count, etc.) of the pages scanned.
more details.
* Document Selector – Create and maintain documents profiles for your different document types.
more details.
* Twain Settings – Create and maintain default scanner profiles for different document types.
more details.
* SMTP Email Interface – Automate the email transmission of a copy of the PDF, can be configured to run silently.
more details.
* Watermarking – This plugin allows you to satmp the PDF with your own custom watermark.
more details.
* We will be pleased to consider developing a plug-in to meet your specific requirement. Why not contact us with an outline of your requirements?