Softsilver Transformer 3.0.4 - Chuyển mọi thứ về định dạng XML

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Phiên bản 3.0.4
Phát hành 07/02/2008 23:16
Cập nhật 20/04/2010 18:42
Hệ điều hành Windows 2k, XP, Vista, 7
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8an9rms Softsilver Transformer   Chuyển mọi thứ về định dạng XML

Need to convert something into XML? Softsilver Transformer is a tool for converting many types of data into XML. Convert text files, Excel workbooks, Access databases or any ODBC data source (e.g. SQL Server, ORACLE) into almost any type of XML file.

With Transformer you can:
– Convert any structured text file, Excel workbook or database table into XML
– Automate and schedule conversions using the command line utility
– Integrate conversions with applications and web sites

Transformer is designed for non-technical users who may know little about XML. You do not need any programming knowledge to use it. The tabbed interface promotes a step by step approach and hides many of the technical issues. There are many options for tailoring the XML output to meet most requirements.

What is Softsilver Transformer?
Softsilver Transformer is a software package that converts structured text files, Excel spreadsheets and database tables into XML.
Since the first released in 2001 Transformer has evolved into a solution with plenty of features, without losing its underlying simplicity.

– The tabbed interface takes you step-by-step through the process of:
– Selecting a data type
– Connecting/Opening the data source
– Selecting the columns you want to convert
– Defining filters to get the rows you want
– Defining the XML you want and mapping source columns
– Naming the XML file and setting output options such as encoding


* Convert
Delimited and fixed column text files
Excel workbooks and Access tables
Tables in almost any database (using ODBC)
* Query
Filter and sort results
Use lookup tables to replace and filter values
Use SQL for more complex tasks
* Formatting
Apply sophisticated formatting to text, numbers and dates
Format text to preserve line breaks and paragraphs
Define the XML layout using drag-and-drop
Import an XSD (XML Schema Definition) or DTD (Document Type Definition) for a predefined XML schema, or load an example XML file.
Group elements by source value
Suppress duplicates and empty values
* Output
Select any encoding available on the target computer
Automatically apply an XSL transform to the XML produced
Create a separate XML file for each source row or the value of a specific source column
* Reuse
Save your transformations and reuse them
Schedule conversions to run at particular times using a command line utility
Integrate with web sites and applications using a COM component