Sophos Conficker Removal Tool - Xóa sạch sâu Conficker

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Giới thiệu Sophos Conficker Removal Tool

Sophos Conficker Clean-up Tool

Conficker: How to prevent it and remove it

The Conficker/Downadup worm, which first surfaced in November 2008, has infected thouands of business networks. Unpatched computers are still at risk of infection, as it spreads by exploiting these computers, weak passwords and USB storage devices.

Check your computer

This powerful solution for eliminating Conficker infections enables the detection, isolation, and removal of the Conficker virus on your network.

  • Remove Conficker now

To prevent infection, Sophos recommends

  • Apply the MS08-67 patch
  • Disable file and print sharing
  • Strengthen your password
  • Turn off autorun for USB devices
  • Apply a device control policy
  • Finally, you should use network access control (NAC) to check that patches, anti-virus and firewall are installed, running and up-to-date.