Starwars Republic Commando [Portable]

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Giới thiệu Starwars Republic Commando [Portable]

Star Wars: Republic Commando là một game thuộc góc nhìn thứ 3..được nhập vai vào một chiến binh và chiến đấu bảo vệ ngân hà khoải bọn robot quái vật trong vũ trụ

Star Wars: Republic Commando is a dark and intense first-person shooter for the Xbox video game system and PC,
utilizing an enhanced version of the acclaimed Unreal engine technology. Unlike the largely main character focused Star Wars games of the past, Republic Commandopresents a dramatic military-style action experience from the point-of-view of an elite squad member of a Republic Special Operations unit.

Players step into the role of a Commando performing precision operations deep behind enemy lines in this brutally realistic Star Wars combat experience.
The game is set at the start of the Clone Wars, as seen in Episode II, featuring Clone Troopers and Jedi fighting a common foe side-by side. (Source. IGN)