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Giới thiệu SynaptiCAD Product Suite

1 SynaptiCAD Product Suite   Thiết kế hệ thống mạch thông minh

SynaptiCAD was founded by electrical engineers to create design tools that helped engineers think critically about their designs. Being engineers themselves, they were frustrated by having to almost complete a design before being able to get simulation results. Our founders decided that there must be a better approach for interacting with design tools and from this simple idea they created SynaptiCAD, a company that creates “tools for the thinking mind”. This idea permeates all of our tool interfaces.

With SynaptiCADs tools you are able to begin analyzing and simulating design ideas right away without having to complete an entire circuit model or schematic. Our tools automatically handle many of the minor details involved in the design effort, leaving you more time to focus on the bigger picture.

SynaptiCAD based of the electrical engineers, in order to manufacture draft tools, which helped engineers to think of their drafts critically. Being implements blank, it frustrated, by a draft before in the situation its locks nearly must, results of simulation receive. Our founders decided that there must be a better approach for the effect on draft tools and from this simple idea it SynaptiCAD caused, a company rlt, which manufactures tools for the thinking understanding. This idea penetrates all our tool tools. With SynaptiCADs tools in the position you are draft to analyze and to simulate begin ideas immediately to lock without having, an entire electric circuit model or – diagram. Our tools treat automatically many of the small details, those into the draft effort along and leave to you more time to concentrate in the larger illustration.

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