Tekla Structures

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tekla Tekla Structures

Tekla Structures – is a single product that is available in several configurations that provide specialized functionality to meet the needs of certain segments of the construction industry. Tekla Structures – can be used with other existing applications, or solely as a platform for developing their own workflows. Its open platform supports interoperability and standardization. Tekla Structures messes around with various systems through Tekla Open API ™ application programming interface that is implemented using Microsoft. NET. For example, Tekla Structures supports the following standard formats: IFC, CIS / 2, SDNF and DSTV. Tekla Structures supports proprietary formats such as DWG, DXF and DGN.

New in Tekla Structures 17:
Improved commenting, clash checking, organizing, viewing, snapping and project managing tools
Even more interoperability with leading software systems such as Unitechnik, BVBS 2.0, BETSY etc.
Enhanced visualization, larger color palette
Better Windows-like functionality
Improved DSTV connection to CNC machinery.
Support for 3Dconnexion mouse
Higher accuracy with customizable and more automated drawings