The Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary

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Giới thiệu The Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary

coedscreen2 The Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary

An OXFORD Spanish-English dictionary with over 85,000 words and phrases and 120,000 translations MSDict Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary offers you the richest coverage of the 24 principal regional varieties of Spanish, with special emphasis on modern idioms and colloquial usage.

Words and phrases are clearly marked to show the Spanish-speaking region where they are used, from Spain the Chile or Mexico,
from Central America to the river Plate. In addition, variant pronunciations and the degree of formality of words, from  formal
through to taboo, are marked where necessary.

Convenience and Easy-access Layout
· Completely updated to include the very latest vocabulary using Oxford’s renowned language research programme
· More than 170,000 words and phrases and 240,000 translation
· Visual presentation and use of color make dictionary information even more accessible
· In-text cultural notes on life in the Spanish-speaking world
· Covering the rich variety of world of Spanish
· Clarification of idiomatic phrases, compounds, and abbreviations

The MSDict Dictionary Format
· The Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary is here presented in MSDict electronic format. MSDict offers best experience in mobile reference and is available for any handheld platform.

Here are some key features of “MSDict Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary”:

· Quick dynamic search of words while you type
· Transcriptions facilitating pronunciation
· Hyperlinks between different related words
· Wildcard filtration feature (the use of “?” replaces a letter and “*” replaces a group of letters within words)
· Support of multiple dictionaries installed at a time