The King of Fighters (king of gladiator) - Game đối kháng

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Cập nhật 15/03/2012 09:09
Hệ điều hành Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
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Giới thiệu The King of Fighters (king of gladiator)

How to run the game:
1:download the game and emulator.
2:extract files and similarly emulator.
3:copy kingofgladiator after you extract it.
4:paste it into neoragex 5.0\roms
5:run neoragex 5.0.exe (if the game doesn’t exist click import)[you will find this button when you run neoragex 5.0.exe it is located in the center at right hand side near exit button.
6:click the game and click launch. Enjoy!