Vtrain - Learn anything forever with Vocabulary Trainer

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Giới thiệu Vtrain

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 Learn anything forever with VTrain!
VTrain (Vocabulary Trainer) is an award-winning software you can use to learn foreign languages as well as virtually any school subject.
– Its exclusive spaced repetition feature allows you to learn anything forever – with as few as 7 reviews per year!
– VTrain is being used officially in 50 universities and in hundreds of schools from all over the world.
VTrain is an award-winning software that makes it possible to memorize anything forever.
Certain programs draw up spaced repetitions but steal your freedom to choose what to learn – if an examination is brought forward, you’re in real trouble! Conversely, other programs group items by difficulty like in Leitner’s system, but they don’t tell you when it is time to review each item.

VTrain combines the best of both approaches:
– Save time with spaced repetitions
VTrain tests you by way of Question & Answer flashcards (e.g. “How do you say this word in Spanish?”). It tracks your progress and draws up a schedule of repetitions for each one of the cards. Of course, it reminds you when a card needs to be reviewed again. Since the intervals between repetitions are increased progressively, you need as few as 7 repetitions a year for each flashcard!
– Set priorities both automatically and manually
VTrain groups them into levels of difficulty. This way, you can adapt your schedule when an examination is near.
But that’s not all! VTrain offers you many other unique features:
– Get rid of spelling mistakes
When you input an answer, VTrain marks up every character you type in incorrectly and lets you try again. This feature is especially useful for learning long or difficult words.
– Learn the multimedia way
VTrain supports rich text (*.rtf), image edition and voice recording.
– Type comfortably in any language
You can use on-screen keyboards to input special characters in 100 languages. In addition, VTrain can switch the keyboard layout automatically between two languages.
– Synchronize your files with your peers’ files
What’s more, teachers can correct and edit a file shared by all students over the local network of a school.