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Giới thiệu Web Content Extractor

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“Web Content Extractor” from Newprosoft extracts data from targeted sites automatically and delivers it with a touch of a button, just the way you wish!
Web Content Extractor is the most powerful and easy-to-use data extraction software for web scraping, data mining or data extraction from the internet. Web Content Extractor offers you a friendly, wizard-driven interface that will walk you through the process of building a data extraction pattern and creating crawling rules in a simple point-and-click manner. Not a single string of code is required! Web data extraction is completely automatic.

- Web Content Extractor will benefit a wide range of computer users. Let’s say, for example, you need to collect the information about all products (names, descriptions, prices, images, and etc.) from a product catalog located on a certain site. Instead of adding extra ballast to your working day, you can create a project in Web Content Extractor and the required information will be extracted from the site automatically without any interference from your side. This may save you plenty of efforts and an endless string of browsing hours!

– Web Content Extractor allows users to create a project for a particular site with the similar structure of the pages (such as online stores, shopping sites, e-commerce sites, financial sites, business directories, product catalogs, search engine results, and etc.) and extract data from it to be stored in the database of the current project. The extracted data can be exported to a variety of formats, including Microsoft Excel (CSV), Access, TXT, HTML, XML, SQL script or MySQL script. This variety of export formats allows you to process and analyze data in your customary format.

Configuring a data extraction task is a breeze because you simply follow the steps offered by the configuration wizard. First you should specify an extraction pattern, enter the starting URL from which Web Content Extractor will start crawling, specify the crawling rules and depth and type in a project name. The crawling depth is configurable and offers much flexibility. For example, the crawler can be configured to follow links if linked text contains the value that has been specified by you. Once an extraction task is set, you can execute it with one mouse click.

With Web Content Extractor, you can extract data from multiple pages in a blink of an eye thanks to the multithreaded crawling technology that downloads up to 50 threads simultaneously. Simply click for data extraction and that’s all! No need to spend time on browsing and tedious cut-and-paste operations.

Web Content Extractor will benefit any computer user willing to get as much productivity and comfort from the browsing process as possible.

Who will benefit from Web Content Extractor?

– Anyone!Web Content Extractor will help businessmen extract and collect the market figures, product pricing data, or real estate data.
– Web Content Extractor will help book lovers extract the information about books, including their titles, authors, descriptions, ISBNs, images, and prices, from online book sellers.
– Web Content Extractor will help hobbyists and collectors automate extraction of betting and auction information from auction sites.
– Web Content Extractor will help journalists extract news and articles from news sites.
– Web Content Extractor will extract the online information about vacation and holiday places, including their names, addresses, descriptions, images, and prices, from web sites.
– Web Content Extractor will help single people extract information from dating sites and manage it appropriately. Get married soon!
– Web Content Extractor will help people seeking a job extract job postings from online job websites. Find a new job faster and with minimum inconveniences.

Web Content Extractor features at a glance:

– Templated web data extraction. Extract any target data (text and images) from various web pages on the Internet;
– Export the extracted data into Microsoft Access database, Microsoft Excel (CSV), Text (TXT), HTML, XML, SQL script and MySQL script files;
– Customized Web crawler / web spider. Crawling rules and multithreaded downloading (up to 50 threads);
– Gather data from password protected websites.
– Easy to use configuration wizard;
– Very simple to use, quick learning curve and right to the point.